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Does your baby have a hard time falling asleep? What about you? You try so hard putting all your effort into readying your baby for a life full of wonderful moments. Still, things get really tough around sleep time. At "Good Night, Little Hummingbird," we create sleep plans based on parents' different backgrounds, beliefs, and routines. Our sleep coach is full of confidence and warmth, and we will guide your baby and your whole family to rediscover the joy of sleep.

Before embarking on this journey, please take a moment to delve into your inner self, take a deep breath, and accept all your current feelings. Are you ready?

Baby Sleep Coaching


End Your Day on a Sweet Note

Mother and Daughter

We understand that every family is unique, which is why we provide customized plans to suit your baby's age and your parenting style. During our coaching sessions, we'll use methods that is gentle, effective, and sustainable, tailored just for your baby. When your baby sleeps well during the night, everyone in the family will enjoy the benefits of a good night's sleep for years to come. Let's end your day on a sweet note! 


Most Popular Packages

We offer a variety of coaching packages to suit your family's needs. Whether you are expecting a new one to join your family, or you have tried out many ways but have no clear result. We have a solution for you! 

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Schedule your free 15-min introductory call

The sleep knowledge for your baby is a seemingly mundane yet deeply complex matter. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with our empathetic coach to shed light on your path.


Meet Our Certified Coach

Hi! It's Vanessa Kao the lead coach here. After 20 years in early childhood music education, I am now also a certified baby sleep coach. In my own baby's sleeping journey, the positive experience with my girl gave me so much courage to get back to my beloved career soon. I feel powerful enough to schedule my days and control my life. The well-being of my family with my little one inspires me to lead more families to experience the joy of sleep. I believe that you don't need to be "lucky" to have an "easy" baby. Everyone deserves a good night's sleep and everyone can sleep well. I am here to guide you through the journey!

Member of International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

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Your certified baby sleep coach

Vanessa Kao

Certified Child Sleep Coach


What Our Clients Say

"I love how Vanessa has customized my baby's routine! Before starting the program, her routine was messy. With Vanessa's coaching, everything is so easy to organize. Thank you so much! The daily phone calls have been very helpful."

S.L. (7 Months)

I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to handle my baby's crying. Vanessa's sleep training method was so flexible and full of love. She not only improved my baby's sleep, but also helped me overcome my fear.

L.W.(5 Months)

If I had and received Vanessa's professional assistance earlier, I think the road to parenting would be much easier.  Thank you, Vanessa. After the improvement of my baby's sleep, the quality of our sleep has also been much better!"

I. C. (15 months)

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