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Frequently asked questions

Get the answers to the most commonly asked baby sleep questions. Here is a great starting point to gather your thoughts and be ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to peaceful slumbers for your baby.

  • Why should our baby work with a sleep coach? Is reading books or website articles not enough?
    Working with a sleep coach at "Good Night, My Little Hummingbird" offers personalized and expert guidance tailored specifically to your baby's unique sleep challenges. While reading books or articles can provide general information, a sleep coach can assess your baby's individual needs, create a customized sleep plan, and provide ongoing support and accountability. Our approach is holistic, focusing not only on sleep training techniques, but also on addressing underlying factors such as nutrition, environment, and routine. With a sleep coach, you can benefit from hands-on support, experienced insights, and a more tailored approach to ensuring your baby gets the healthy sleep they need.
  • At what age can I start sleep training?
    We believe that establishing healthy sleep habits is important at any age and it is never too late for parents to get evidence-based knowledge about babies' sleep. While general sleep training methods are often recommended for infants around 4-6 months old, our approach focuses on personalized coaching for both infants and toddlers up to 4. Our sleep coaching services are tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of each stage, helping families develop sustainable sleep routines and improve overall sleep quality.
  • What are the requirements to start a baby sleep coach session with "Good Night, My Little Hummingbird?"
    At "Good Night, My Little Hummingbird," we strive to create a personalized and supportive experience for both you and your little one. To begin a baby sleep coach session with us, we recommend that your baby is at least 4 months old, as this is typically the age when they are developmentally ready for sleep coaching. Additionally, we ask that you have a clear understanding of your baby's sleep patterns and habits, as well as any existing medical conditions or concerns that may impact their sleep. Prior to the session, we will conduct an initial consultation to gather in-depth information about your baby's sleep environment, routine, and any specific challenges you may be facing. You will also need to prepare a safe sleeping environment, including a safe baby crib, a baby monitor, and white noise machine before we start. You can find out what you need to prepare in our free online program. Our goal is to create a customized sleep plan that aligns with your parenting philosophy and supports your baby's individual needs.
  • Do you offer a no-cry method for sleep coaching?
    At "Good Night, My Little Hummingbird," we understand the importance of a gentle and nurturing approach to sleep coaching. All sleep training methods which we can offer all focus on providing emotional support and creating a peaceful sleep environment for your little one. Our approach involves setting up a consistent and calming bedtime routine, gradual and gentle sleep training, and addressing any underlying factors that may be affecting your child's sleep. We believe in respecting the unique needs of each child and family. However, no matter which method we will apply, it requires the new change of sleep habits. Your babies might need time to get used to a new way and crying or fussing could be one way for them to express their emotion of unfamiliarity. As thier parents, it is important for us to differentiate between what they want and what they need. The majority of babies could be gently guided to teach themselves self-soothing skill in about 2 weeks.
  • Can we co-sleep or sleep on the same bed with our baby during the coaching?
    At "Good Night, My Little Hummingbird," we prioritize safe sleep practices for optimal infant and toddler sleep. Co-sleeping or bed-sharing is a gentle and firmed "No" during our coaching sessions, as it can pose potential safety risks for your baby. Our coaching approach focuses on creating a supportive sleep environment for your little one that encourages independent sleep while also ensuring their safety. We can provide guidance on room-sharing in a crib or bassinet, as well as establishing healthy sleep routines that promote a secure attachment between you and your baby. We understand the importance of bonding with your child, and our coaching methods are designed to help you nurture a strong parent-child relationship while promoting safe sleep habits.
  • What is a general coaching process with "Good Night, My Little Hummingbird?"
    At "Good Night, My Little Hummingbird," our coaching process begins with a thorough assessment of your current situation, goals, and challenges. We believe in a holistic approach to coaching, taking into account not only professional or personal goals but also mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Through a 75-min online meeting session, we work together to identify limiting beliefs, set achievable goals, and create a personalized action plan. Our coaching style is collaborative, supportive, and non-judgmental, with a focus on empowering you to cultivate self-awareness and develop practical skills to navigate life's challenges. We also provide ongoing support and accountability to ensure you stay on track to achieve your desired outcomes. When you choose our 14-Day Coaching service, we will arrange one 15-min phone support everyday in the first week of coaching and then every other day phone call in the second week. You will fill out an interactive online log daily with any question to be answered there. By the end of coaching session, we will have an ending meeting to summarize what we have achieved in this 14-day journey and what you can expect in the near 3 months about your baby's sleep. Our ultimate goal is to help you unlock your potential, find clarity, and live a fulfilled life.
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